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Diplom is the leading company in Republic of Moldova in providing professional and high quality translation services, and services in the writing of all kind of student works of any degree of difficulty, in all subjects and in required terms!

Company Diplom provides the following services:

- Translation of documents and texts;
- Legalization of documents;
- Notarized translation of documents;
- Legalization of translated documents by signature and seal of translation company, by signature of certified translator, by signature of certified translator and seal of translation company;
- Legal certified interpreting services in case of marriage registry at Civil Registry Office, for notary services, trials etc.;
- Non-certified interpreting services at business meetings, seminars, conferences etc.;
- Apostille application on the original of document and translation for individual and legal entities;
- Consular legalization on documents and their translation;
- Recognition of academic qualification by the institution that issued the acts of studies;
- Recognition of academic qualification by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova;
- Recognition of academic qualification by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Moldova;
- Dichiarazione di valore - official document issued by the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Moldova, that allows following studies and working in Italy;
- Nostrification – recognition of international qualifications and skills in the Republic of Moldova;
- Demand of documents;
- Filling in questionnaires;
- Delivery service;
- Free of charge consultancy;
- execution: master’s research papers, diploma thesis, year course paper works, tests, reports, records of achievement, essays, writings, articles, exercises, statistical processing of data, samples of answers at state exams, presentations, slides in PowerPoint, diploma discourse, annotations, resume, reviews in economic, liberal arts, law, technical and natural sciences subjects in Romanian, Russian, English, French, German;
- Proofreading and editing of translation;
- Text editing;
- Text formatting;
- Typing.

We provide translation services of all types of documents and texts from and into any world languages:

■ English

■ French

■ German

■ Italian

■ Spanish

■ Portuguese

■ Polish

■ Czech

■ Bulgarian

■ Hungarian

■ Russian

■ Ukrainian

■ Moldovan

■ Romanian

■ Turkish

■ Gagauz

■ Greek

■ Hebrew

■ Arabic

■ Persian/Farsi

■ Chinese

■ Japanese

■ Belarusian

■ Armenian

■ Georgian

■ Azerbaijani

■ Kazakh

■ Turkmen

■ Danish

■ Lithuanian

■ Latvian

■ Dutch

■ Serbian

■ Slovakian

■ Slovenian

■ Croatian

■ Macedonian

■ Norwegian

■ Swedish

■ Hindi

■ Estonian

■ Uzbek

■ Tajik

■ and other languages