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Diplom – Sponsor of Beauty Conquest Miss ASEM – 2019


A major event took place on April 10, 2019 - Miss ASEM – 2019, ‘Future Business Woman’, XVIIth edition. The company Diplom was one of the event’s sponsors. We can affirm with all our soul that this conquest has been the most honest and fair in the world. The participants passed 4 tests: -

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Award for Quality Field Achievements 2018


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova organizes an annual contest Award for Quality Field Achievements. The Organizational Committee consists of representatives from public instituitions, quality management specialists, business representatives, social partners and others. The participants at the conquest comprised enterprises of various form of ownership registered in the Republic

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Free Diploma: Advantages and Disadvantages


Nowadays many resources provide free of charge diploma assistance services. What is the applicable extent of using information for work from web resources? Study period runs fast. It is high time to write diploma thesis and course papers. Contemporary students have a different approach to the process of diploma writing. Some of them obediently

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Moldovan Diploma Offers the Possibility To Work Abroad


Moldovan diploma is the result of higher education received in the Republic of Moldova. It is a strong foundation for the continuation of studies, as well as for job opportunities, inclusively abroad. Studies in higher education institutions aimed to get the appropriate qualification represent an important step towards the achievement of chosen speciality and

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If You Urgently Need Diploma Graduation Thesis


The end of academic year is on the edge and many diploma students face time pressure. Diploma paper is urgently required! Not forgetting about Power Point diploma presentation. In such a case, one can be saved by the specialists of qualified company. The end of academic year is going to finish. Some expect it

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All Types of Student Papers: Fast and High Quality Works


Student days quickly run away. It is not always an easy task to grind away at one’s studies. Qualified specialists offer assistance in the writing of tests, thesis, papers, reports, solving exercises and other student works. Student days quickly run away and run into semesters. A hard period of student papers verification arrives before

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Diploma in Moldova: Continuation of Studies Abroad


Studies accomplished in higher educational institutions of Republic of Moldova and, as result, graduation diploma received in the Republic of Moldova, represents a good opportunity to continue studies abroad or apply there for job.To receive higher education in our times represents a good opportunity for the ambitious young persons, especially if speciality is highly required

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Records of Student Achievement: Reliable and Qualitative


In a preparation period for diploma paper, the stage of achievement or practice can be really important as well as the preparation of document named “Record of Student Achievement”. The company Diplom can provide assistance even in the most difficult cases. The approach of winter is not only time of happy holidays. Many final-year

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Translation of Websites


Internet offered infinite possibilities to explore the world around us. Due to this fact, there appeared strong necessity in the elaboration of individual content and websites. Site conceived for the representatives of business world presents an indispensable means of communication representing the company and the useful information for the site visitors. The site of

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Important and Useful Migration Consultancy


Departure to different country is always associated with the need for supplementary information and correct legal preparation. You can receive consultancy for migrants in one of the translation company’s Diplom offices. Nowadays migration reached unbelievable proportions. People freely move within our planet. According to the ONU reports, only in the last year 232 million

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