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Written translations – we offer guarantee, grammatical accuracy and complete correspondence with the original text.

Written translations have become one of the most widespread orders. This fact has a perfect explanation: the enlargement and development of international cooperation with enterprises and organizations in different areas- business, education, culture, sciences. We should not disregard the fact that in private life, some specific events also happen and they can require legalization as well, for example urgent translation of documents.

Types of Translations Provided by Our Company

We ensure high quality written translation of the following documents:

  • Identity card, national and foreign identity documents, pension certificate;
  • Official acts (certificates) issued by Civil Registry office: birth, marriage, change of name/surname, divorce, marital status, death etc.;
  • driver’s license and other related acts;
  • acts of study – diploma (with annex and without), certificates, student’s card, student’s record book, attestation, annex etc.;
  • acts of ownership of property or residence – certificates issued by Housing maintenance office, acts of ownership, translation of sales and purchase agreements of land parcels and objects of real estate;
  • acts related to professional activities – work books, certificates issued by employer;
  • acts related to business activity – enterprise statute, regulations, agreements etc.;
  • acts related to the financial and bank activity – salary certificate, wages info, confirmation of bank deposit, excerpts etc.;
  • acts related to the ownership right – certificates, license, patent;
  • legal acts issued by court and other bodies– excerpts, decisions, certificate of non -criminal record;
  • medical acts – certificates/excerpts on health condition and work capacity, excerpts from patient’s chart and medical records;
  • military record and related acts;
  • certificates and acts from different spheres.

We provide as well the translation of different type of texts:

Why Does Our Company Provide The Best Services?

The high quality of written translations performed by certified specialists speaks about itself. Sworn translators in the most widespread languages are a part of our team. Due to this fact, customers can be sure about the right and grammatically accurate translation in accordance with the original text.

Simultaneous service of notarized legalization releases customers from additional troubles related to the authentication of the translated texts, including the translation of agreements.

A well-elaborated algorithm of the orders’ completion had been built in time and it was developed taking into consideration the customers’ suggestions. In order to start the work, it will be enough getting in touch with us. As a result, the customers will be glad to receive written translations in the final variant, regardless of the degree of difficulty or urgency of required translation.

In each case, the final goal can be either the translation of agreements, certificates and confirmations, but anything can be easily sorted out with the support of the translation agency Diplom!

In purpose of your order appreciation, you can complete the “order form” on our site, send files on info@diplom.md or come directly to the one of our offices.

In the process of work over your order, we try to take into consideration your requirements and particular needs; for this reason, cooperation with our agency is advantageous, comfortable and trustworthy!