DEMAND OF DOCUMENTS2023-02-27T13:15:18+00:00

Demand of Documents – procedure of receiving the official documents in the state agencies of Republic of Moldova.

It is possible to require the following documents in the company Diplom:

• Duplicates of the registered acts of civil status:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Divorce certificate;
  • Certificate of name/surname change;
  • Death certificate;
  • Adoption certificate;
  • Paternity acknowledgement certificate.

•Transcription of civil status acts issued by the CSO:

  • Transcription of birth certificate;
  • Transcription of marriage certificate;
  • Transcription of divorce certificate;
  • Transcription of certificate of name/surname change;
  • Transcription of death certificate.

• Multilingual extracts from acts issued by the Civil Status Service of the Republic of Moldova:

  • Multilingual extract from birth certificate;
  • Multilingual extract from marriage certificate;
  • Multilingual extract from death certificate.

• Certificate of civil status.

• Certificates (notifications), confirming or neglecting surname change:

  • Notification neglecting change of name and/or surname;
  • Notification on change of name and/or surname;
  • Notification on change of name and/or surname in foreign language.

• Notification on corrections made in acts of civil status;
• Certificate of no criminal records;
• Employment certificate;
• Salary certificate;
• Confirmation of educational establishment that issued the act of studies;
• Certificate of authenticity of the acts of studies;
• Certificate on identification of name/surname, locality;
• Religion certificate etc.

Considering departure from Republic of Moldova, one must provide translation and legalization of all official documents, the specialists of company Diplom provide assistance in this respect. You may contact the headquarters of Diplom company: Chisinau municipality, 97 Vasile Alecsandri Street, tel.: +373 (79) 79-11-00.