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Interpreting Services is the art of paraphrasing-the interpreter listens to a speaker in one language, grasps the content of what is being said, and then paraphrases his or her understanding of the meaning using the tools of the target language.

The purpose of interpreting is to establish equally based relationships between the original and paraphrased text. It implies context, grammar rules of target language etc.

Interpreting is very important and responsible mission. Company Diplom has a very serious attitude in the process of the choice of interpreter needed for your purposes.

Interpreter’s assistance is required in the following situations:

  • Certified interpreters: marriage registry at Civil Registry Office, notary services, trial cases etc.;
  • Non-certified interpreters: business meetings, seminars, conferences, telephone negotiations, exhibits, presentations, seminars, round table meetings, installation and setting of equipment with participation of foreign specialists, not speaking Romanian or Russian etc.

All our translators hold diplomas of high studies in required field, the authorization of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova and can be present at the established location of event. We propose only experienced and verified interpreters.

In order to make the order of interpreting service, you should contact us at one of our translation offices prior to the start of working event, so that interpreter has time to organize his working schedule and in special cases, to prepare for the event; so that we have enough time to provide the best specialists.

We can help you with the selection of highly qualified interpreter with the possibility of departure to customer’s meeting place or to offer our services in one of the company’s offices, providing the specialist mastering the required foreign language. For the selection of interpreter and the distribution of order, you can contact us at the main office: Chisinau municipality, 97 Vasile Alecsandri Street, tel.: +373 (79) 26-11-27 or contact us on email:

Interpreter’s service at the meeting place location: minimum order – 1 hour (60 minutes), if the order’s duration is less than an hour, the time is rounded up to an hour.

Interpreter’s service at one of company’s offices: minimum order – 10-15 minutes, the price of service is not rounded up to one hour and consequently, the service is cheaper twice-thrice.

The customers intending to order interpreter’s services from one hour are kindly required to offer supplementary materials on the event’s topic of discussion, thus assuring better preparation of interpreter and high level of interpreting.

The earlier you make interpreting order, the more time we have to provide for you the best interpreter.