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Confirmation of Educational Document

Confirmation of education documents issued by educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova and/or by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova traveling abroad for academic or professional purposes must confirm the authenticity of their education documents. Confirmation of document authenticity is a procedure whereby the respective Moldovan authority issues an official document.

The confirmation of the authenticity of education documents is carried out to prevent the use of forged documents, thus avoiding legal consequences. Before starting the procedure of confirming the authenticity and translating education documents, it is necessary to check with the educational institution, embassy, or consulate of the destination country for the conditions under which diplomas need to be recognized. In our translation bureau DIPLOM, we offer you services for obtaining the confirmation of authenticity for education documents:

  • Gymnasiums, secondary schools, lyceums;
  • Graduates of gymnasium education (9 grades), secondary general education (11 grades), lyceum education (12 grades);
  • Graduates of vocational, higher, and post-university educational institutions;
  • Ministry of Education;
  • Ministry of Health.

We provide notarized translation of the education document and its confirmation, and we affix apostilles or consular legalization stamps within the specified time frames.

If you would like to receive a free consultation and request our services, please contact us at the following phone numbers: +373 (22) 26-11-27; +373 (79) 26-11-27 or fill out the form.

In order to apply for confirmation of educational documents, please contact us on this phone number: +373 (79) 79-11-00.