Equivalence of Documents of Education issued by educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova and/or by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health.

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova, going abroad in academic or professional purposes, must provide the authenticity of educational acts.

Equivalence of Documents – procedure that supposes the official issue of documents by authorized authority of Republic of Moldova.

Equivalence of Documents of Education is provided in order to avoid the use of false acts, to exclude any eventual legal consequences.

Before passing to the procedure of equivalence and translation of academic acts, it is compulsory to study the conditions issued by educational establishment, embassy or consulate of the destination country required for the recognition of academic qualifications.

Translation company Diplom provides services in process of procedure of recognition of academic qualifications:

  • certificates of general studies, gymnasium and lyceum institutions;
  • graduates of upper secondary school (9th form), general studies (11th form), lyceum studies (12th form);
  • graduates of special and general higher educational undergraduate and post-graduate institutions;
  • Ministry of Education;
  • Ministry of Health.

We provide notary legalized translation of the documents of studies and recognition of academic qualifications, apostille or consular legalization in the requested deadlines.

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