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Notarized translation of documents performed right and in accordance with legal requirements.

Notaries do authenticate any type of documents, from enterprise statutes to certificates for individual entities. However, notarized translation is indispensable in the case of necessity of foreign legal act presentation in Moldova or vice versa. Our company provides this service taking into consideration all forms and obligatory requests related to notarized translations.

Particular Features

The basis of the process of notarized legalization of the translated acts consists in the legalization of the authenticity of certified translator’s signature. Highly qualified translators pass exams at the Ministry of Justice of RM and their names are written in the Special registry for Translators which the notaries can easily access.

Notaries, possessing the legal capacity of the authentication of the authenticity of acts and signatures, confirm (legalize) the fact that the translation was done by certified translator and assumes the simultaneous responsibility with the translator for the quality and legal capacity of act.

Set of Necessary Documents

In order to assure the correct process of notarized translation, you should present at our office the following documents:

  • The original act (text);
  • The copy of act legalized in Moldova;
  • The copy of act legalized abroad accompanied by Apostille or extra legalization stamps.

The acts should be presented in concise and clear variant, without erasures or additions, obliterated words or other not stipulated corrections. Otherwise, notary has the right to reject notarized legalization of the translated act.

In case of the lack of Apostille or extra legalization stamps, we can provide these services at the customers’ requirements.

When notarized legalization is obligatory:

  • Any types of acts that authenticate the identity of person – national and foreign identity papers, pensioner card, military record etc.;
  • Any type of acts and certificates issued by Civil Registry offices, comprising birth, marriage, marital status, death certificates;
  • acts related to professional activities – work books, certificates issued by employer;
  • acts of study – diploma (with annex and without), certificates, student’s card, student’s record book, attestation, annex etc.;
  • acts of ownership of property or residence – certificates issued by Housing maintenance office, acts of ownership, translation of sales and purchase agreements of land parcels and objects of real estate;
  • medical certificates and excerpts;
  • acts related to the financial and bank activity;
  • acts related to the ownership right – certificates, license, patent;
  • driver’s license and other related acts;
  • certificates and acts from different spheres.

Regardless of the level of difficulty of acts and documentation type, the member of our staff can assure the procedure of qualitative notarized legalization of the translated acts within the stipulated deadlines.