DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE2023-02-27T13:06:31+00:00

Dichiarazione di valore is an official document issued by the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Moldova that allows studying and working in Italy.

In the above-mentioned document there is included information that confirms that the studies accomplished in Republic of Moldova correspond to all norms and standards accepted in Italy. This procedure is compulsory, as there is a difference between studies length in Moldova and Italy, for vocational studies as well as for undergraduate studies.

All persons willing to follow studies or work in Italy on their qualification need to confirm their studies. Specialists of our company provide assistance in the process of receiving the document ”Dichiarazione di valore”. In order to do this, you can contact the headquarters of Diplom company: Chisinau municipality, 97 Vasile Alecsandri Street, tel.: +373 (79) 79-11-00 and deliver all related to studies documentation (certificates on secondary/general education, diplomas and annexes). Our specialists will provide every necessary assistance for you: translation of documents, notarial legalization of documents, application for apostille and do all process of diploma legalization.