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Legalization and legal translations – we provide this kind of services according to the legislation in force.

Legal translations represent one of the most difficult branches, because it comprises a large variety of terms related to the field. More than this, legal translations require responsibility in front of law, because the misinterpretation of term or meaning leads to the mistaken interpretation of document and serious consequences.

Importance of Legalization

Legal value of translations can be also defined by the concept of legalization that means a procedure conferring legal capacity to the documents. An official act usually requires legalization – the addition of legal value, regardless of complexity or specific nature of translation.

Our agency work is based on the following principle: the purpose of any legal translation regardless difficulty is to treat it at the highest degree of complexity from the perspective of current law stipulations and to ensure that the content is accurate from grammatical point of view. Legalized acts are conferred in this way legal capacity in any other state. Besides this, there are states with which Moldova concluded special international agreements that exclude additional procedures of the legalization of legal texts.

Ways of Legalization

The practice of international cooperation contributed to the diversification of legalization forms necessary for Moldovan acts:

  • Apostille;
  • Notary certified translations;
  • Extra legalization;
  • Dichiarazione di valore;
  • Legalization of the acts of study;
  • Nostrification;
  • Legalization of different acts released by Civil Registration offices.

Our agency provides all types of legalization services and assistance in the selection of the most appropriate variant for concrete documents.

3 reasons you should contact our agency for legal translation and legalization services:

High level of qualification of the authorized translators fulfills all necessary requirements in order to ensure the adequate level of legal translations of any degree of difficulty. All translators from our company successfully passed the accreditation at Ministry of Justice.

Responsibility of the translators of our company for the accuracy and meanings within legal translation implies strict obedience of law and additional assumed responsibilities. Experience and high qualification represent the additional guarantee of high quality services.

Commodity of cooperation with our agency can be easily perceived by customers. The offices of our company are located in all sectors of Chisinau and other main cities of Republic. You can also receive your translation in any of our offices. There are more ways of payment depending of our customers’ requirements.

In this way, the problem of legalization and legal translation stops being a problem in case you trust our bureau! You can address to the one of our offices or to the headquarters located: Chisinau municipality, 97 Vasile Alecsandri Street, tel.: 373 (79) 79-11-00, email: