When you start to prepare the file for Russian citizenship application, the consultation of specialist is recommended for the right completion of all documents. The Translation Agency Diplom provides consultations for all people who need assistance in order to obtain Russian citizenship.

Efficient Assistance and Consultancy on the Preparation of Folder for Russian Citizenship

The acquisition of Russian citizenship has become a current issue for many citizens of the Republic of Moldova for more reasons: professional career, reuniting family etc. However, this important decision needs previous consultation of a specialist, his assistance being indispensable in the most of cases. Everybody who wishes to apply for this kind of service can contact the representatives of our company.

Particular Details of Folder for Citizenship Preparation

The process of the folder preparation can vary depending on different categories. In some cases, it is possible to simplify the process of obtaining citizenship. The consultant can identify a concrete case – if it is possible to simplify and to make shorter the process of obtaining Russian citizenship. The specialist will also determine the necessary documents to be presented at the competent bodies of the Russian Federation and the related proceedings (translation, notarized legalization, declaration).

Assistance of Specialist

The complete process for obtaining Russian citizenship requires:

  • Exact and right completion of different forms;
  • Preparation of the necessary set of documents;
  • Translation and/or legalization of the required documents.

Participation and assistance regarding this process provided by specialist in the field contributes to the assurance of maximally efficient results; everything will be executed in accordance with the official requirements and with legal accuracy. The folder will not require additional revision that means saving your mental health, inner forces and time.

Our Guarantees

The Agency Diplom offers the following guarantees in case you decide to apply for our services:

  • Professional consultancy regarding the details on Russian citizenship acquisition;
  • Correct completion of questionnaires/ statements for Russian citizenship acquisition, in cases of both simplified program as well as different other programs, inclusively the migration program in the Russian Federation;
  • Translation of required documents;
  • Notarized legalization of documents.

Our company has provided so far the assistance in the completion of more than 500 requests regarding the assistance and preparation of documents for obtaining Russian citizenship. Professionalism of our specialists allows fast and high quality consultancy services about the particularities of different programs, including the preparation of all necessary documents in each individual case.

The Consultation center of our company for the assistance in the process of Russian citizenship acquisition is located at the following address: Chisinau municipality, 97 Vasile Alecsandri Street, tel.: +373 (79) 26-11-27, e-mail:

In case of urgency, you can present your request regarding the consultation and completion of the folder on Russian citizenship acquisition at any branch of our company.

Be sure that our specialists will help you to sort out any questions regarding the right completion of the folder for the Russian citizenship quickly and in the right way.