Medical Translation of Documents and Texts

Medical Translation of Documents and Texts2021-04-15T09:42:03+00:00

Translation company Diplom provides high quality medical translation of any degree of difficulty:

  • Translation of medical documentation (medical extracts, medical records, results of laboratory and instrumental examination, conclusions of specialists);
  • Translation of pharmaceutical documentation (descriptions of pharmaceuticals, booklets, patient information leaflets, information for medical staff and patients, documentation on quality control);
  • Translation of documentation on clinical research study of medical products (agreement on carrying out clinical trials, records of testing, investigator’s brochure, case report form);
  • Translation of documentation on medical equipment and instruments (manuals, guidebooks, clinical descriptions, advertising materials, catalogues, presentations);
  • Translation of scientific medical literature (scientific articles, conferences materials, reviews, thesis, dissertations, monographs, handbooks, guidebooks, work books for doctors and students of medical institutions);
  • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical sites, and sites on clinical research study, medical equipment and instruments;
  • Translation of other medical texts.