Legalization of Documents Always Remains a Current Issue!

In the sphere of international relationships, there are rather strict requirements towards the processing of documents. Thus, the indispensable procedures of consular legalization and apostille certification are always required for those who want to study, work or live in another state.

The improvement of relationships between different states does not abolish the regulations of international law. Thus, the liberalization of visa regime with European states and decisive tournament towards European integration does not however release the citizens of Moldova from the rigid requirements towards the processing of documents. Presentation of individual or commercial documents to the official authorities of another state requires prior procedure, called legalization of documents”, and takes place on the territory of the state that originally issued the document. It is understandable that Moldavian documents should pass the legalization procedure in the Republic of Moldova. By the way, similar requirements are applied for foreign documents, presented in Moldova. For this reason, if someone considers going abroad for studies, partnership, real estate acquisition, marriage or succession, one should pay maximal attention to the required set of documents. Foreign partners, who are supposed to arrive with the same goals in our state, should also be informed. Otherwise, there is a possibility of the failure of the initial trip purpose, wasting in vain time and money, in addition to nerves.

It is true that in the Ancient Rome, considered the founder of law principles, the signatures of scribes, the pioneers of contemporary notaries had been enough for the document’s confirmation. However, nowadays the legalization of documents, i.e. the legalization of documents on international level, requires much more time and efforts. Furthermore, the legalization procedure can vary depending on the state and documents type, thus it is required the prior study of all specific details.

Nowadays legalization process can be done either through apostille application or through consular legalization. Apostille application represents a more simple procedure, but it also requires time and the most important – it is not suitable for all states, but only for those filling in Hague Convention requirements, mostly European. For other states, mainly including Asian states, the states of Middle East and Germany, it is required complete procedure of consular legalization – multi-step long procedure in different official institutions.

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