What does a professional and passionate translator do at company Diplom?

Not everybody can be a translator. I affirm this not from pride, but with all seriousness. Even if somebody has studies in linguistics or masters some foreign languages – these skills do not imply the fact that this person possesses the skills of professional translator.

Like any other job, a translator feels passionate and enthusiast about the activity he does. If there is no pleasure in the daily activity, the provided translation will be of poor quality from grammatical point of view.

I consider the pleasure from performing translations like the willingness to discover new things. I have always liked to affirm that a translator can be at his turn a lawyer, an engineer and a teacher depending on the fields offering him intellectual satisfaction. A translator fully devoted to his job uses all possible resources for a precise and accurate translation of a document, a book etc.

The pleasure received from the translation process does not imply fixing barriers only to pretend being “a perfect translator”. There is an inner conflict within this job when a translator considers himself nearly perfect only because he has been doing this job for many years.

We live in a period where the advanced technologies and quick process of globalization became a new reality, in connection with this there have been developed new programs, softs and even grammar reforms – all aimed to make easier the efficient working process. Translator should be flexible and easy going in front of new market technologies adaptation. If there is no passion, there is no place for competent and devoted to his job translator who can stand up to stress occurred once with deadlines, difficult customers and a huge amount of work. The best friends of a translator are creativity, imagination, strict grammar rules and sense of humor.

There is no magic but only hard work and patience. Besides passion and professionalism described herein, the team of translation agency Diplom from Moldova adds a drop of originality into your translations based on the company’s motto: “one language for the whole world!”