Moldovan Diploma Offers the Possibility To Work Abroad

Moldovan diploma is the result of higher education received in the Republic of Moldova. It is a strong foundation for the continuation of studies, as well as for job opportunities, inclusively abroad.

Studies in higher education institutions aimed to get the appropriate qualification represent an important step towards the achievement of chosen speciality and career accomplishment. Nowadays the Moldovan system of education is adapted to market conditions and is based on the principle of Bologna education system that is the basis of higher education in many states. Thus doubts of many people about recognition of Moldovan diploma abroad and the possibilities to find a correspondent job do not have any reasonable ground.

Multilevel structure of higher education in the Republic of Moldova is considered to be comfortable and practical for a rather rapid receipt of degree and possibility for further improvement and professional development.

The primary stage of higher education of non-university level can be college studies and as result, qualification in such required sectors of economy as agriculture, medicine, building &construction, pedagogy etc.

The next obligatory stage in order to get Moldovan diploma in incomplete higher education consists in the accomplishment of studies in the first cycle of university education and diploma licentiate degree.

The second cycle of university education offers the possibility to get complete university education and the correspondent Master’s diploma in speciality. An interesting variant can be licentiate’s diploma qualification in one speciality and Master’s diploma in another close speciality, in this case the possibilities of good employment increase.

If you are already a holder of Moldovan diploma, then you probably question the possibility of employment abroad. It is important to point out that recognition of diploma allows, first of all, employment in states of CSI and Romania, on condition that the studied subjects coincide with the program of higher education institutions in the employment state.

In case you consider to work in state enterprises of another state, you will have to pass language test or exam, and in some cases examination on your speciality. In such cases, the procedure of diploma legalization is required, in Moldova for this purpose you should contact the Ministry of Education and prepare a translation legalized by notary. If you consider job in private sector, the conditions might be easier, in this case the decision of potential applicant’s suitability belongs to the employer.

In case of job application abroad, the legislation of concrete state plays a major role, because of requirements towards foreign candidates and the required language level for the employment country.

Thus, if you consider career abroad, one should pay attention to these aspects first. If you have already found the employer and the candidate suits his criteria, then Moldovan diploma is a supplementary asset for successful professional accomplishment.