Diploma in Moldova: Continuation of Studies Abroad

Studies accomplished in higher educational institutions of Republic of Moldova and, as result, graduation diploma received in the Republic of Moldova, represents a good opportunity to continue studies abroad or apply there for job.

To receive higher education in our times represents a good opportunity for the ambitious young persons, especially if speciality is highly required on the job market.

However, many young people from Moldova have a legitimate question about the value of Moldovan diploma abroad, its recognition and the possibility to continue studies based on this official transcript.

First of all, it is worth mentioning to people with skeptic attitude that contemporary educational system and university degree achievement in Moldova have undergone a process of reform and is currently adapted to Bologna educational system, recognized as main educational system in the most of European states.

Accordingly to this system, higher education of non -university level can be acquired in colleges with short-term courses of specialization in such special fields as agronomical science, pedagogy, medicine, building etc. and it results with diploma degree of reduced higher education program. Diploma of this level offers broad opportunities for job application in related speciality, and the continuation of studies within different educational systems, inclusively abroad.

Higher University Education is divided into two cycles. The first part comprises undergraduate education (usually 3 years of study) and licentiate diploma achievement. Achievement of this type of diploma offers a complete possibility for employment in Moldova and continuation of studies abroad in a corresponding field of activity.

The second cycle of Higher University Education comprises 2-3 years of study and results in Master’s degree diploma that also represents an asset in present market conditions. This type of diploma in Moldova offers better opportunities for work in a company with foreign capital, as it is considered a recognition of complete university studies.

After undergraduate higher education, it is possible to continue studies within post-university education program and obtain academic degree. Master’s degree diploma completely fits into a set of requirements for further studies abroad.

There is a high possibility of recognition of diploma issued in the Republic of Moldova by the authorities of other states. Let’s take a case, when a holder of Moldovan higher education qualification of any level is interested in the continuation of studies. Diploma qualification degree obtained in Moldova is sufficient to pursue further cycle of education in the states of CSI and Romania, especially due to some special partnership programs among different states. Legalization of diploma is important for legal confirmation of act, a procedure executed by the Ministry of Education and notarial legalized translation into the language of the state the holder of diploma intends to continue his studies. It is well-known that in this particular case, the main question is about the knowledge of language of studies. The applicant must successfully pass the language test or follow preparative language courses.

Continuation of studies abroad with a Moldovan qualification regardless of student’s level can be a real opportunity applied for practically any state of the world!