Translation of Websites

Internet offered infinite possibilities to explore the world around us. Due to this fact, there appeared strong necessity in the elaboration of individual content and websites. Site conceived for the representatives of business world presents an indispensable means of communication representing the company and the useful information for the site visitors. The site of company is supposed to fulfill an important goal: to convince the visitors not only to study the content, but also to become the customers of company.

  • As far as it concerns home market of the Republic of Moldova, the number of visitors can double if the site is provided in the Romanian language too. It allows the enlargement of customers’ number, the increase of sales and practically the entrance onto new markets.
  • If your company is active only on local market or aims to have a decent place within it, then a site with multilingual content will attract much more visitors, in fact potential customers that will contribute in their turn to the increase of profit.

The translation of sites should be obligatory executed by professionals in the field because the wrong translation can damage the image of company.

7 Reasons you should order the translation of your site at DIPLOM:

1 Quality and Speed of Translation Execution
Ten certified translators by the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Moldova work in 18 offices of our company from Drochia to Cahul (also more than 300 translators from different states working at distance).

2. Large geographical linguistic area
Translation into all European languages, also into Turkish, Arab, Hebrew, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese etc.

3. Free of charge Test Translation (no more than 1 page)

4. Editing
The editing of the site’s content is provided by native speaker of the language x, specialized in the translation of medical, technical, legal and other texts.

5. Proof-reading
Proof-reading of content is important due to the simple fact that text will probably have mistakes after page makeup. This is related to the specific process of page template execution in the process of completion, as a result words and paragraphs can drop out, there are also formatting mistakes. That is important to change as it can damage legibility.

6. Rewriting
We will provide the uniquelization of text content for webpages on highly professional level in order to increase its rate.

7. Comfortable way of cooperation
You can send and coordinate the orders via email. All you have to do is to send the scans of your acts or texts on our email or to send the link to the site, and we will quickly estimate the cost of translation and the execution time.

We also offer big discounts to the enterprises that concluded with us long term agreement.

Translation from DIPLOM – YOUR SUCCES!

You can get free consultation of personal manager related to all translation subjects and other questions on phone number: +373 (79) 014-014; +373 (79) 77-77-81.