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Personal manager

Personal manager

Personal manager – your assistant and counsellor in the choice of provided services, proposed by company Diplom with purpose to save Your personal time and to assure comfortable conditions of service.

Advantages of work with personal manager:

  • Free consultancy;
  • Total control over execution of Your work at all stages;
  • Free delivery of order;
  • Saving your time and money.

  • Every time you can contact us and receive quick and concise reply on the questions You are interested in, as well as high quality and timely service.

    Personal managers contacts:

    1) Republic of Moldova
    Chisinau, 9/1 Kiev St.
    Tel. : + (373) 22-811-004
    Cell phone: (+373) 79-77-77-81
    skype: diplom-079777781

    2) Republic of Moldova 
    Chisinau, 9/1 Kiev St.
    Tel. : + (373) 22-811-021
    Cell phone: (+373) 79-014-014
    skype: diplom-079014014