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News – Trade mark

All of us are used to the idea that a serious company always marks its goods with special original symbols, that are known as trade mark or commercial mark. In 2013, among Moldovan trade marks, trade mark made its appearance.

Nowadays the concept of trade mark or commercial mark is well-known to ordinary customers. However it’s possible that not anybody is aware about the story of its beginning.
According to the artefacts found by archeologists, about 3 thousand years ago, craftsmen from India marked their signatures on jewelry and other items before their departure for selling in other states. In the Ancient Rome there were well-known more than thousand ceramic marks, many of which were so well-known that there were many cases of forgery.
Actually, the purpose of trade mark or commercial mark – to emphasize or individualize the goods of concrete producer from general mass of similar items, emphasize its unique character. For consumers, the presence of such a mark means an additional guarantee of the high quality of products or services. A legal confirmation of the authenticity of trade mark is confirmed after its registry by special authorities on the protection of intellectual property. In Republic of Moldova this authority is The National Agency on Protection of Intellectual Property, that is the part of international system of registry and protection of trade and commercial marks. In the process of registry a newly suggested trade mark passes through difficult expertize up to the international level.
Thus, today everybody is used to the idea that a serious company always marks its goods with original symbols or logotypes. It is interesting that a large diversity of possible trade marks always broadens. Besides traditional and ordinary word marks and decorative elements, new types make appearance, for example, holograms, image of which changes depending on the angle of slope. Or even aroma signs, when a specified aroma is protected as trade mark. There are also sound commercial marks, for examples, the melodies of mobile phones Nokia and Phillips.
Trademarks Coca-Cola, Apple, Adidas, L’Oreal are well-known over the world, as well as the other ones that had already become very precious assets on global level. This type of well-known trademarks are known in marketing as brands and their cost arises to billions of dollars.
Undoubtedly, not every company can acquire such a high level in business world, but the desire of achieving this level in itself already reveals that company has serious plans to establish on market on long-lasting basis. Moldavan company Diplom, active since 2005, developed its activity with exactly the mentioned above purpose.
Since the registry, the company proved to be accurate in offering high quality services in the area of preparation of different kinds of business texts and students works of different level, as well as translation services into different languages. Accordingly, it was taken decision to mark its presence on the market by individual official trademark. The process of registry came to the end this year in March and since then the trademark officially holds the appropriate certificate of National Agency of Republic of Moldova. The quality of company’s services is confirmed from legal point of view and customers can find confirmation that the order will be executed in a highly qualified way, taking into maximal consideration all requirements and wishes, quickly and in the specified deadlines.
Tendency to progress and fortification of market positions based on the best service of customers – basis of durability of new Moldovan commercial trademark Diplom!