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13 – Serious Age

Company Diplom has celebrated the 13th anniversary of activity on the market of educational and translation services of the Republic of Moldova. The company’s arsenal comprises individual attitude towards every customer, competent personnel, guarantees of quality and confidence, supported by trademark.

In modern market conditions not all businessmen are able to maintain their positions. Due to this reason, today already big company Diplom has a special pleasance to celebrate this year its 13th birthday.
Many events have marked this 13th year period of self-imposing on Moldovan market of educational and translation services. The agency successfully survived the world financial crisis, mostly due to the right choice of direction.

The right heading to success

The preferred area of educational services had brought fruitful results since the very beginning of activity. Contribution in the right organization and high quality writing of different students works permitted the company to gain the leading positions. Focusing on services for younger people, willing to show a high quality level of works, proved to be right business strategy.
Caring about its reputation, the direction of company tried to assure high level of the orders’ execution. Primary success in this field was mainly due to the perfect selection of staff – consultants in all required fields of study.

The quality of staff’s work –the bulk part of success

Collaboration with competent and highly qualified specialists made a different impact since the beginning of agency’s foundation. Gradually, a team of responsible and qualified employees has grown, a team of specialists able to execute works of any degree of difficulty in conformity with customers’ requirements.
Effective consultancy help in the writing of reports, annual course papers, diploma and magister papers, articles, practical activity reports and other orders had contributed to the leading positions development of company in this “market field” and contributed to further development of this area of activity.

Translations: contemporary current services

The next step in the company’s development becomes ‘exploration” of the new field of activity due to the implementation of translation services. In this purpose, the best certified translators had been selected, thus allowing to assure notary legalized translations.
General increase of population’s mobility, departure of Moldovan citizens abroad in purposes of work and studies, as well as different business and cultural connections – all this has built up necessary basis for demand on this kind of services, equally required by individual and legal entities.
In order to assure our customers the best conditions for order requests, the company opened additional offices in the districts of Chisinau city and in the districts of Moldova: Comrat, Cahul, Drochia, Balti. Now the ordering process has become more available and simple.

Work quality is assured by commercial mark

Considering the volume of performed work, directors of company never forget about the level of quality. The exigent attitude towards the level of proposed services contributed to the company’s decision to register personal commercial mark at the State Agency of Intellectual Property of Republic of Moldova.
Since 2013 the unique character of trade mark is officially protected by the correspondent Certificate of Agency. This confirmed one more time the serious purposes about future work and confirming the reputation of reliable and responsible partner.

Always keeping in line with market tendencies
The company permanently keeps a close watch on market changes, thus developing new services. One of this implies internet content. A large number of new sites and online markets requires the filling of columns with insightful articles and texts. All this can be possible to implement, taking into consideration translation into different languages, if site is designed to be multilingual. Market offers new solutions. The most important is to perceive on time customers’ needs and offer them high quality performance. The right choice of this business attitude has been proved during 13 years of company’s Diplom activity.