AUTHORS OF STUDENTS WORKS2019-11-07T12:45:29+00:00


  • professors at higher educational institutions of Moldova in Liberal Arts, Law, Economy, technical and natural science subjects;
  • knowledge of the Russian and/or Romanian languages;
  • writing works in foreign languages constitutes an advantage;
  • experience in writing students works;
  • quality work fulfillment on required deadlines.


  • guaranteed remuneration for qualitative and individual work execution with condition to respect all requirements on specified deadline;
  • remuneration is to be delivered after curator’s verification and correction of all noticed remarks, if there are any identified;
  • interesting and diverse work, allowing to completely accomplish your professional abilities and knowledge;
  • infinite possibilities regarding the volume of executed orders: everything depends of your individual working schedule;
  • flexible schedule, on which basis you can plan your working activity in advance;
  • guarantee of confidential working practice and conditions of executed orders;
  • trustworthy and verified conditions of productive and long-lasting collaboration.

    Please send your resume and samples of your works on email