Dichiarazione di valore – Indispensable Document for Studies or Work in Italy

Dichiarazione di valore – the important component of set of documents for studies or work permit in Italy. Company Diplom offers all set of services connected with the receipt of the specified document.

The interest of our citizens in living, working and studying in Italy is rather understandable. This European state is popular for its universities and other educational establishments. Here it is possible to find an amazing creative job, realize your dreams and focus on different challenging projects. However, practically in all cases a document known as “Dichiarazione di valore” is required.

What does it mean?

Dichiarazione di valore – equivalency procedure applied for the academic acts issued by foreign educational establishments. As a result, the applicant is given rather unusual document – declaration holding the same title.

Consulate authorities stipulate in this declaration equivalency of accomplished studies to the standards of Italian educational standards. Dichiarazione di valore usually comprises the following information:

  • Legal status, level and profile of educational institution;
  • Requirements of educational programs, evaluated in conformity to the stipulated level of studies or received education;
  • Duration of programs, number of hours/credits to each of them;
  • Equivalency of the received qualification according to educational and professional requirements of Italian standards.

The presence of this document is indispensable for matriculation in educational institutions for studies or continuation of studies in Italy; it might be also required in the process of job application, where a special level of studies is required. In the opinion of experts, Italy is practically the only European state that requires the equivalency and level of studies to be confirmed by the mentioned document.

Requirements for Receiving


The official process supposes the presentation at the Consulate of the following documents:

  • Apostille certification on the original of educational act;
  • Copies of the document’s original with all official transcripts;
  • Translation of academic credentials into Italian, comprising all transcripts;
  • Notarial legalization of the original;
  • Notarial legalization of translation.

On the basis of these documents the specialists of Consulate establish the authenticity of received qualification. Further, the concrete institution in Italy will make conclusions based on Dichiarazione di valore about the conformity of the candidate applying for studies or job.

Where can you receive it in Moldova?

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