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Cheap Translations: Advantages and Disadvantages


In the conditions of economic crisis, many companies and business men begin to make economies in all fields of activity. Undoubtedly, economy and frugalism can be considered wise qualities, but one must not forget that high quality products and services simply cannot be cheap.

Sometimes it happens that rather well-established companies that had earlier contacted translation agencies decide at a certain moment to make translators with the help of their own employees or other contacts, considered to have translator abilities. In the most of cases, the result of this kind of work is meaningless word combination, i.e. low quality translation that can hardly be considered translation in the meaning of this word. 

For now, the question naturally arises, what was the purpose of translation? If the text on site is only meant to provide general information in English, then an unprofessional variant can also apply in this case. However, if the company is willing to find via web site real foreign long term business partners, sign contracts, supply the markets and sales, then it would be better to entrust this work to professionals. There is no need to put your reputation under the risk because of cheap and low quality translation.

An inaccurate translation of information about company’s products provided for catalogue of foreign exhibition or personal web page can lead to the undesirable consequences for all company. An inaccurate translation of agreement can cause unimaginable negative results.

In order to avoid this kind of troubles, we strongly recommend to contact only reliable, qualified and experienced specialists.

Our company has unified along many years the best specialists in the related field, that had successfully passed strong selection criteria and execute high quality translations. Our specialists can provide translations of any degree of difficulty: contracts, accounting and financial reports, articles, web site texts, instructions and technical documentation, advertising materials, business correspondence – everything a potential customer can be interested in. In special cases, we also do provide notarial legalization of documents.

Our specialists are masters in the most diverse fields of activity, that is why they can cope with the translation of texts from any specific area: economic, legal, medical, agricultural, literary and other special fields. 

Besides, our translation agency provides a wide range of languages to translate from and into. We provide written translation services from and into all European languages, and from and into Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Hebrew, Latin.

Communication and order form for translation services are really easy steps for customers. A prior order can be made over phone, via site or contact us in one of the offices. In the process of work over your order, the agency takes seriously into consideration the customers’ needs and wishes.

At our customers’ requests, we can additionally provide editing and spell checking services of texts, scanning of pictures and schemes, audio, DVD, Flashcard recording, as well as copies and prints of the specified orders. 

Professional translation is the key of your success!