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How To Make Sure Translation Services Are Good


In modern daily life, the necessity in translation services remains a current need practically in all spheres. Each of us has dealt with a situation, when there is a demand for translation and legalization of official acts.

The art of performing translations into different languages comes from the ancient times. According to the scientists, around 100 thousand years ago the “mother language” of every language made its appearance on the continent of Africa. Today is difficult to find out the cause that determined the appearance of many different languages, but a fact remains a fact – in real modern life the necessity in translation services remains in high demand practically in all fields.

It is true that each of us has had not once the necessity in qualified written legal translations of documents, scientific articles, technical documentation, agreements. In the epoch of fast development of informational technologies, the translation of web sites content has become an especially required service. All these belong to the realities of active rhythm of modern times, an indispensable condition, if someone is willing to reach success in science, business, and even private life.

As the saying runs on the market rules field, “demand breeds supply”. Consequently, a large number of translation agencies has already appeared and they continue to grow. Only in Chisinau city there are more than hundred translation agencies. How to make sure that the quality of provided services is really good?

A certain extent of guarantee could be offered because of the related experience in the field, the things that could be learned from the information about the agency’s years of activity, a possibility to receive at once not only translation, but accompanied notarial legalization. A more secure sign is the official registered trademark, a proof of serious and challenging future goals of the agency in related field. 

The translation company possesses all mentioned advantages, providing for  more than seven years a complex of integral services, comprising the work with texts, student papers, scientific papers and written translations in Moldova.

The specialists of could cope with any subjects:

- Translation of economic and financial documentation: banking, fiscal, business projects, investment projects etc.;

- Translation of legal acts: different types of agreements and contracts, constitutive acts of legal entities, powers of attorney, judicial documentation;

- Translation of technical documentation: project, informative, standardizing etc.;

- Translation of medical texts: medical records, diagnoses, prescription products, instructions etc.;

- Literary and nonfiction translation;

- Translation of web sites content and texts from various web resources;

- Translation of author’s scientific publications, diploma and year paper works, annotations.

A range of languages in which we could provide translations is really immense. In the translation company Diplom it is possible to perform translations of any extent of difficulty, comprising documents and texts with/without notarial legalization from and into:

- Widespread foreign languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Russian;

- Not widespread languages in our region, including Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belorussian, Chinese, Kazakh, Japanese, Georgian, Turkmen, Persian/Farsi, Latvian, Lithuanian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Macedonian, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Croatian, Estonian, Swedish etc.

Any texts you need for translation, whether they are marriage certificate, contract of delivery, scientific paper etc., will be provided in high quality translation form and in specified cases legalized by notary.