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10 % reduction to socially vulnerable categories of people

Translation Agency is not indifferent towards vulnerable social groups. This is why we offer 10 % discount for vulnerable social groups.

This type of discount applies to*:
- Pensioners;
- Disabled persons;
- Families with many children.

Discount applies only for non-urgent translation of Moldovan standard documents into languages of “A” category and “B” category.

Languages of “A” Category: Russian, Romanian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese.

Languages of “B” Category: Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Czech, Azerbaijani, Belorussian, Hungarian, Georgian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Moldovan standard documents are acts issued by Registry offices:
- birth certificate;
- marriage certificate;
- divorce certificate;
- certificate of name and/or surname change;
- civil status certificate;
- death certificate;
- adoption certificate;
- paternity certificate;
- archive excerpts;
- certificate of corrections introduced in the content of civil documentation;
- notification of name and/or surname change;
- notification neglecting name/surname change.

*In order to receive this discount, you should show an official act confirming your social condition.

You can benefit from this Discount at any branch of our Agency.

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