International Translation Day

UNESCO proclaimed in 1991 the date of September 30 to be celebrated as International Translation Day in the whole world.

The choice of this very day was linked to the Roman Catholic Calendar that commemorates on this day St.Jerome. He was one of the translators who provided the translation of the Bible from Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic languages into Latin language in the third century.

The International Translators Federation is a group reuniting translators, interpreters and terminologists’ associations. This field registered major changes in the last decades. Have you known that a language dies every 14 days, but the modern translation techniques offer a large variety of fast translation tips? These changes have had a positive impact upon the work with customers who benefit from the services of notarized translations too.

The job of translator/linguist is very important in all spheres and fields at the international level. Actually, the Art of Translation remains unchanged in the process of this activity’s performance.